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Blockchain Research & Innovation for Common Society

Blockchain Research & Innovation for Common Society is the research think-tank and innovation hub for betterment of society using the blockchain technology, the technology of trust and transparency. Blockchain is only known for FinTech and Logistics, and the industry has ignored its application for social sectors like lifestyle, healthcare, education, agriculture, resources, energy, media, security, realty and smartcities. 

Hello social business leaders, with our help you can drive the change. 

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High ROI

With the present adoption rate of blockchain, it is poised to give high returns for early investors. Investing in multiple projects at present time will take investments thru linearly rising graph but few of them will give exponentially higher returns via logarithmic curve, just like adoption rate curve demonstrated by many popular Internet products in the past. 


Technology of the future

Blockchain is only known for payments but not for many more things like messaging, logging, queuing and triggering. It is only known for P2P, Person-To-Person payments but not for Machine-To-Machine messaging. 

Wait and watch!